Justin Gagen

Goldsmiths Computing

Justin Gagen graduated from London South Bank University with a BSc in Computing Studies, and proceeded to work in web/media development and management at City University until 2005. He then moved to Imperial College, where he worked in e-Learning support.

In 2010 Justin undertook an MSc in Digital Anthropology at UCL, choosing to ethnographically examine musicians who perform live music via virtual environments. He has recently co-authored a chapter based upon this work, with Prof. Nicholas Cook, for the forthcoming (2014) 'Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality'.

Justin has been playing music for over twenty years, and regularly performs live, often via virtual environments. He tries to release "at least one record a year" via his own label.

He is currently a PhD student on the Transforming Musicology project as Goldsmiths, where he is concentrating on 'The Musicology of The Social Media' component of the project.